Development Committee Fund Raising Initiatives

The Parish Development Committee is starting the following new endeavors to raise funds for the parish:

1. Shopping Cards: Members of the Committee will start selling Shop Rite and H Mart cards at each Mass starting the weekend of February 20/21. The Parish will receive a profit of $50 or 5% for sales of $1,000. By purchasing these cards you will be helping yourself and the Parish. Please remember to purchase Shop Rite or H Mart cards when you come to church.

2. Bring a Dollar to Church: From the weekend of February 27/28, the Development Committee will initiate a "Bring a Dollar to Church" program. This is a good will offering to help the parish. Baskets will be placed at the entrance of the churches. Please drop a dollar in the basket when you come in or leave the church each week.

Your cooperation in these initiatives will ensure the financial stability of the Parish.